Best Cold Weather Gear of 2022: Ranch Edition

Waited until the last minute and shipping is delayed? Toby-Jeanne the Cat’s Claw Queen has you covered from head to toe! Run to your local Murdoch’s and grab one of these cold weather gifts and gear that will warm their heart! Check here to find a Murdoch’s near you:

Best Cold Weather Gear of 2022: Ranch Edition

A great stocking stuffer gear for the Ranch gal on-the-go, is the Murdoch’s brand deer skin gloves. These gloves have been great for fencing, staying warm when doing unpleasant outside chores, and even taming feral kittens! Toby-Jeanne has found that a pair will last through a couple of gardening seasons, and a fencing season under typical use. They would probably last longer if the Cat’s Claw Queen wasn’t so hard on her outdoor gear! Keep in mind that if your ranch gal has longer nails that these might not fit as well. Toby-Jeanne keeps medium length nails and the gloves fit just fine. Knowing that most ranch gals don’t like long nails, this shouldn’t be an issue but make sure you double check! As of December of 2022, they are on sale for less than $20, a great bargain for anyone on a budget.

Best Cold Weather Gear of 2022: Ranch EditionA CC headband is all the rage this year! They come in many colors and cuts, and best of all they are warm and are easy to wash. Headbands in general are fantastic for keeping ears warm while still allowing the pony tail and messy bun to be free. If you know your Ranch gal’s favorite color, you should be able to find a suitable CC headband to match. Toby-Jeanne’s favorite Headband is on sale currently, also coming in at less than $20! Budget friendly, warm, and easy to find at your local Murdoch’s store!

Best Cold Weather Gear of 2022: Ranch Edition
If you’ve never had the pleasure of working out in the blissful -40 degree Montana winters, be rest assured that you will want to look into a Carhartt jacket before the season gets fully into swing. With an insulated canvas jacket that offers legendary Carhartt durability for the toughest jobs, you’ll stay nice and warm on the frigid days. A soft sherpa fleece lining in the body adds a soft feel and cold weather comfort. The quilted nylon lined sleeves slide easily over layers. It’s cut for a full range of motion, so hopping up into the feed truck and rummaging around is not as cumbersome as other styles. In addition to the warmth of the jacket, it comes with ample pockets of varying sizes that zip up to keep your things secure as you participate in your winter activities! From the field to the ski slope, the Carhartt jacket is a must have. The durability is longstanding, so even though this jacket is closer to $130-150, it will last the decade to come.

Best Cold Weather Gear of 2022: Ranch Edition

Under Armour has been long synonymous with chilly, springtime high school track meets. The highly popularized 2010’s Under Armour products, have evolved some of the beloved original cuts to include the 4.0 version of their Women’s Base Gear. This particular gear shirt fit is light-weight, yet it maintains warmth especially when paired with a jacket like a Carhartt. The shirt is great as a stand-alone item in temperatures as low as the 40’s. It pairs nicely with a windbreaker in gusty weather, and is a perfect lightweight shirt to add under a sweater and thick jacket when the temperatures go sub zero. This miracle working long-sleeve isn’t cheap, coming in at around $80 this December, so budget accordingly if you’d like to get a full “sub zero” outfit!

Heated socks are a “modern classic” when it comes to winter gifts. (Even if the gifts are to yourself!) For those of us with poor circulation, winter can be an added irritation when it comes to long hunts, long feed hauls, or long field days in the cold. The Fieldsheer thermal socks are fantastic for adding enough heat to your boots to get you through the day, or even to ease aches once you are home and it’s time to take the boots off. The recharging port is simply a traditional USB, and a single charge can last 7-10 hours. These socks are supported with cushioning in the arches to ensure against foot and leg fatigue throughout the wear time.

Cat's Claw Fencing Claw - Cat's Claw Fasteners
While it may not be directly “cold weather,” related, a bottle of Cat’s Claw Fasteners, fence claws will make winter fence repairs far easier. There’s nothing worse than trying to drive a staple with mittens on! Say goodbye to cold, mashed fingers during winter fence patch jobs. Simply grab your favorite household impact driver, a bottle of claws and go fix that popped wire that the cows have been taking advantage of. Cat’s Claw Fasteners have been putting fencing staples out of business since 2018!

For the bonus gear that will be available online, though not through Murdoch’s… If you’re here on the basis of genuine recommendations, Toby-Jeanne recommends NEOs overshoes that also come in Women’s sizing! These overshoes gear are well insulated, fully adjustable to fit over a thick boot, have cleats on certain models, and even have an extendable top! If you’re stuck plodding through the worst winter conditions, the NEOs overshoe will keep your feet warm and dry for the long haul.


Photo by: Patricia Almy; location: 1914 George Ranch 

Toby-Jeanne Almy is head of Marketing and Sales at Cat’s Claw Fasteners. She is a 5th generation Montanan, always in search of the next grand adventure that life has to offer. Her current personal project is designing the set of “Radioactive Redhead”, and preparing a full season scripting; when she isn’t working a long week at Cat’s Claw! 


Should any more questions come to mind, the Cat’s Claw Fasteners team is here to assist you! Don’t hesitate to email your inquiries to our Head Cat Collector, Chava, at And, for additional content, make sure to read our other blogs and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube!

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