What Are the Most Durable Types of Fences

Types of FencesMany people have opinions about what they believe to be the most durable fences, but the fact is that there is a hierarchy. Durability comes down to strength, performance, and how long the materials last compared to all others. These traits play a large factor in the most durable types of fences. This list explores each option so that you can see how various fence types rank according to their characteristics.

Vinyl Polymer

As you drive through suburban neighborhoods, city parks, public areas, and upscale business parks, you might notice an abundance of vinyl fencing. Much of the reason behind this is their pure ease of care.

The aesthetic that vinyl gives is genuinely second to none, as it looks just as sterling after several years as it did the day you erected it. This material is resistant to almost anything, meaning it won’t rust or rot. The paint doesn’t fade because it’s blended into the polymer, and it doesn’t break or crack under heat or pressure.

Wrought Iron

This timeless classic is still seen in many older parks and historic homes. You can find it in certain older neighborhoods, as this was the ideal fencing decades ago.

Although wrought iron fencing may have gone out of style, the material is still just as durable as it once was. Its top characteristics include the ability to endure harsh weather conditions and provide top-tier security.

Chain Link

The underdog of the list is chain link. The material is relatively sturdy, but what makes it truly special is its inclusion of top-shelf wire fence fasteners and the galvanizing process it goes through before being shipped off.

This process makes the material early impervious to the elements, enabling it to last for years outside. It’s also an excellent source of security, and it has the lowest cost of all the fencing materials listed above.

If you’re still pondering what the most durable types of fences are, remember that there are many to choose from that are equally as durable as one another. These are just the top three that are most likely to withstand time and the elements. Be sure to contact us about our products and any other questions you may have when it comes to your fencing project. Our expert staff at Cat’s Claw Fasteners are standing by.


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  1. Lately, Mom’s been talking about giving our home’s exterior a bit of a facelift, and she’s set her sights on a wrought iron fence. She loves that classic look and thinks it’ll add some elegance to our yard. Now she’s on the lookout for a good fencing business to bring her vision to life. Anyway, I know she’d wanna hear how while wrought iron fence may not be as fashionable as it once was, the material is still rather strong. As you said, its best qualities are that it can withstand severe weather and offer superior security.

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