What Lag Screws Are and What They Are Used for

Whether you’re repairing a deck in your yard or putting up a fence, you need the right materials to get the job done. If you’ve been coming across the term lag screw in your research and aren’t sure if you need them, you need to learn more about what these screws are and what they are used for. Not using a lag screw when you need one or using one incorrectly could spell disaster.


What Are Lag Screws?

Also known as lag bolts, these screws are one of the toughest construction fasteners in the industry. These screws are massive; they are typically at least one inch long and ¼-inch thick. The screws have course, sharp treading that only encompasses part of the bolt, which allows you to adjust it. Often made of steel, lag screws only come with hex heads due to the force needed to install them.

What Are Lag Screws Used For?

These screws are often used in construction to fasten pieces of lumber together. A lag bolt provides a longer-lasting connection due to its length and is used for materials that may be subjected to a massive force or will bear a heavy load.

How To Install Lag Screws

To install a lag screw, align the materials you want to attach and use a clamp to hold them in place. If you have a team, someone can help you hold the wood in place. Use a bit to drill a pilot hole for the lag screw. You must create a preexisting opening that is slightly smaller than the bolt before installing the lag screw. Ensure that the hole is deep enough for the entire screw. Once you’ve fastened the bolt, tighten it with a power drill.

Use the Best Screws

You can use these screws for wood fence panels, deck boards, stair repair, and much more. Lag screws are the best option for most industrial construction projects if you want them to last. While hardware stores carry many different brands of screws, you can order a tub of lag screws in two different sizes at Cat’s Claw Fasteners—we’ll keep your toolbox updated with the toughest hardware available. Now that you know what these screws are and what they are used for, you are ready to tackle any construction project.


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