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Dear Cat’s Claw Company,
I live in the NE Missouri area and my family and I raise cattle and sheep. In Missouri we have trees, called Osage Orange (or “Hedge” if you’re a local) that yield posts that will outlast the person who originally built the fence. Most of the time the Hedge posts outlast the wire also. The down side to these posts is that if I need to make any fence repairs, they are simply too hard to drive a staple in. The Cat’s Claw is a game changer! We are currently rewiring our perimeter fence with new wire and 50 yr old existing posts. This is going to save us over $10K and we simply wouldn’t be able to do it without the Cat’s Claw! The only thing better might be your world class customer service that straightened out one of my orders and even set me a Cat’s Claw T-shirt.

You guys are the best!


Garth Lloyd

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