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About Us


Family Owned and Operated

Cat’s Claw Fasteners, LLC is a small family owned and operated Montana business that is dedicated to revolutionizing the installation and maintenance of fencing systems so that you can get your projects done easily and quickly with more reliable results.

Curt Almy


Financial Advisor by day, patent inventor by weekend. Curt enjoys taking care of the 1914 George Ranch just south of the Baker Highway in the Knowlton country. After working 18 miles of fence for numerous years, Curt decided that there must be a way to modernize the ancient fencing staple method, so he set out to patent his idea. Thus, Cat’s Claw Fence Claws were born! He currently resides in Miles City, M.T. and stays youthful by teaching kids to unicycle during lunch break at Sacred Heart School.


Toby-Jeanne Almy


Toby-Jeanne was born and raised in the Miles City area, often helping out at the 1914 George Ranch during summer breaks. She attained a Bachelors of Psychology and an Associates of Sociology in 2015 and did several seasons in Miss Montana America before eventually taking on project management with Cat’s Claw Fasteners. She enjoys working with family and continuing the ranching tradition as a 5th generation Montanan.

Chava Berry


Chava Berry is Head Cat Collector and Personal Assistant at Cat’s Claw Fasteners. Chava previously served as PR for the Badland Brawlers Roller Derby until they disbanded in 2018. She enjoys helping people find useful solutions, and consequently spends some time as an essential oils brand ambassador. On weekends, she plays with Ronnie the Cat’s Claw Cat (Mascot) and dabbles in the latest cosmetic trends.

Josh Davison

Josh Davison is native to Miles City, Montana; home of Cat’s Claw Fasteners. Josh grew up out on the family ranch, and had his fair share of handling the “animal sciences” being the son of a Veterinarian. Fortunately, despite having several animal run-ins, Josh can still count all 10 fingers and is able to type up blogs for Cat’s Claw and answer customer questions along the way. Like any good cowboy, Josh took up an agricultural sport- Bronc riding! He travels the USA to attend various rodeos, you can find more on his journeys by following him on Instagram and Facebook.

Ralph Lim

Ralph is from the Philippines, where he leads a dual life as an application support by day and a freelancer by night. When he’s not working, he dedicates his time to giving back to his community through volunteer work. Ralph is also a firm believer in the beauty and importance of agriculture, and he does his best to spread awareness about its significance. Despite his busy schedule, Ralph never loses his optimistic outlook and positive attitude, always spreading joy and good cheer wherever he goes. He strives to maintain his happy-go-lucky demeanor, keeping his spirits high and his outlook bright.
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