Differences Between Wire Fencing and Cattle Panels

For those who have never heard of cattle panels before, it’s a specialized type of fencing used specifically for cattle and other large livestock like hogs and goats. Wire fencing, on the other hand, is more of a generalized term for a lower-grade medium commonly used for building fences. Here are some of the differences between wire fencing and cattle panels so that you can be sure of what to use for your next fencing project.

Subtle Differences Make Huge Impacts

You might have been in a home and garden store recently and asked yourself why there are so many varieties of fencing available. Or maybe you wondered what each type might be used for and which was most popular out of the bunch. There are minor nuances between fencing wires that make them job-specific. It’s important to know what those jobs are and which wire fencing to go with before ever making a purchase so you can avoid having something that doesn’t fit its role properly.

Types of Wire Fencing and Cattle Panel

In the world of wire fencing, you have many different options to choose from. Whether fencing is welded, woven, barbed, poly wire, aluminum, or steel, you can use it for all kinds of projects. You’ll need to make sure you have the right fencing for the project you are working on.

Woven wiring is great for more urban areas. It’s easy to put up, cost-effective, and transparent. Barbed wire may be used in more rural settings for livestock or in camps and prisons to provide additional security. Poly wire is mainly used for its electrical abilities and is specifically made into electric fencing.

Cattle panel can start large and become larger until it resembles metal piping. Some panels are used for transporting livestock and need to be that large to hold large animals. In fencing scenarios, the wire will need to be fastened with hog panel fasteners to hold large pieces to the wood and to keep the livestock safe.

How To Use Fencing for Your Benefit

Now that you have your project underway, you can start on your fence with the right materials. If you choose to go the cattle panel route, you’ll have a large gauge welded wire that’s galvanized for additional strength and has great flexibility. So, you can be sure this construction will last a very long time. If you’re after a smaller wire, make sure its components are made of strong materials like steel. If not, you can still buy coated or galvanized wire for that extra durability.

Cattle panel and wire fencing may be similar in many respects, but they hold completely different functions. When considering just how large cattle panel can be, it’s easy to see just how opposite the two really are. Before making any decisions on what to use before starting your project, you’ll have much to consider as both types of wiring and fencing are effective. These are the differences between wire fencing and cattle panels for your next fencing project.

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