Best Styles of Fencing Options for Farms

Best Styles of Fencing Options for Farms cats claw fasteners

Many different styles of fencing are available for farming and ranching. Before you decide which type of fencing you need, take notes about the details of your situation. For example, what quantity of fencing will you require? What kind of livestock needs to be fenced in? If you want to know more, read here for the best styles of fencing options for farms so you can give yourself a helping hand.

Wooden Fences

Wooden fences have been the go-to fencing for farms and ranches for centuries. Unfortunately, wood has become scarcer, and prices have skyrocketed due to the demand. In the past, fences were built of oak and pine, but most of the lumber bought today is mass-produced.

The trees used for lumber are grown for twenty years before they got sawed and milled. This is problematic because the fibers aren’t as hardened as older trees. Treated lumber will only last around twenty years before necessitating replacement.

Barbed, High Tensile, and Woven Wire

Wire was revolutionary in its time, but it comes with its own host of problems. While wire is cheap to install and maintain, it’s also susceptible to rust. Although, it is good at retaining smaller livestock such as chickens or pigs.

Barbed wire can be messy and tends to be hard to work with. High tensile is great, but it tends to be more expensive, and woven wire is the go-to simply due to its design.

Synthetic and Electric Fencing

Synthetic fencing is great because it can do most of what wire provides with the added caveat that most brands now have lifetime guarantees for replacements. Additionally, many people have said synthetic fencing looks more pleasing to the eyes over a longer period of time compared to other materials.

Electric fencing, on the other hand, is different. It’s barely noticeable and works very well at keeping herds under control. However, some ethical issues arise from using it.

Farmers and ranchers are fortunate to have many options for their fencing needs. However, choosing the right fence can be a complex undertaking. Hopefully, this article on the best styles of fencing options for farms has given you the review you need to make the right choice.


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