Route of a Fence Planning

A fence can be a great addition to any property, providing privacy, security, and aesthetic value. But before you can enjoy your new fence, you must plan and install it. This can be challenging, though, as there are many common obstacles when planning the route of a fence. Therefore, you must think about how your fence will interact with each of these obstacles.

Building Codes and Zoning Laws

The first thing you’ll need to do is check with your municipality to see if there are any building codes or zoning laws that could impact your fence. For example, some cities have height restrictions on fences, while others require that borders are a certain distance from property lines.

These requirements are often in place for public safety or to preserve the neighborhood’s aesthetic, so be aware of them before planning your fence.

Route of a Fence: Your Neighbor’s Property

You’ll also need to take your neighbor’s property into account when planning the route of your fence. Ensure that your fence is on your property and not trespassing onto your neighbor’s land.

Avoid putting the fence too close to their property. The last thing you want is your fence to cause a dispute with your neighbor.

Swimming Pools and Spas

If you have a swimming pool or spa on your property, you’ll need to consider that when planning the route of your fence. You’ll need to ensure that the fence doesn’t block access to the pool or spa and that you appropriately secure it so that children can’t get into the pool area without supervision.

Some homeowners’ insurance requires that a fence enclose pools and spas, so this is something you’ll want to check into as well.

Trees and Other Landscape Features

Trees and other prominent landscape features can be obstacles when planning the route of a fence. It’s best to avoid putting the fence too close to trees or other features that might interfere with its stability or appearance.

If you must put the fence near trees or other features, consider using unique fencing materials like these fasteners for a welded wire fence that will help minimize the impact on the surrounding landscape.

Planning the fence route can be challenging due to the common obstacles you may encounter. Trees and hills can often get in the way. But by taking these obstacles into account, you can be sure to create a functional and stylish fence.

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