Factors That Influence the Height of Your Fence

You may be unaware of many rules that apply to building any type of construction on your property. Most of them require that you get specially certified through your local government to have above the average height limit due to specialized restrictions for lawful purposes. But there are other ways to get around fence height restrictions, as we will discuss further. Here are some of the factors that influence the height of your fence if you’re thinking about building a fence for your home.

Laws and Bylaws

Where there are homeowners, there are also laws and regulations on how the home must be built to specifications that will comply with the local and state governments. These laws are in place to keep people and intruders out of properties.

But they have a two-fold purpose, in that they can’t be too tall for reasons like blocking off a person’s line of sight while driving. You must be able to see around areas when you’re driving so that you can see oncoming traffic, and this can become problematic on corners and busy streets.


Where you live and where your fence is placed matters more than you might think. For instance, if you live in a flood zone, it might not be a good idea to have a tall fence, or at least not one made of wood, for that matter. If your location has high winds, then that might also get in the way of your plans to build, which is definitely something worth considering.

If earthquakes are something that you frequently experience, then you could have ground erosion, just like high flood plains. If your area is thickly wooded, then you will want to trim back as much as you can around your fence. This is to ensure you don’t have any extra weight laying on top of your fence, which could result in a lot of maintenance in the future.


The size of the area you are fencing will determine the overall cost along with materials. So, if you’re going with vinyl or wood, you might have a high bill toward the end of the build, as opposed to a wire fence that would only be a fraction of what you’re expecting to pay.

You should also take into consideration the materials that the organics decompose, as the polymers and metals take longer to break down. Each will have its pitfalls, and it will depend largely on what you’re willing to spend and what you want to do with your property.


Anyone who owns a pool can attest to the fact that they had to install a much taller and stronger fence by law than others who may not have pools. The reason for this height of your fence bylaw is mostly for safety and intruders.

With the safety issue, you don’t want uninvited guests swimming in your pool, whether that be people or animals, because then they will be your responsibility should any pool-related accidents occur. You also don’t want someone breaking into your house just to swim in your pool, so this holds a lot of contention behind why pool owners need a sturdier fence than others.


Many people enjoy having the privacy of owning their own homes, and the yard plays a huge part in that. If you walk out into your yard and you’re faced with neighbors on all sides of your house, then you don’t really feel as though you truly own anything. But the privacy that a fence provides gives you the feeling that you have a place of your own where you can unwind and spend with the family.

HOA Regulations

These days, there are so many subdivisions that have strict HOA policies, but this is due to the standards of the neighborhoods themselves. This is an effort to keep the neighborhoods in good order to maintain their value and also attract specific types of individuals to live in those communities who are willing to abide by the strict policies they enforce.


If you live somewhere that stays frigid most of the year, such as in the northern hemisphere, you might want to think twice before installing your fence. First, you will need the right materials. It would be wise to try either metal or vinyl as fence materials, as they are both very sturdy and less expensive alternatives to fence building that might really save you a lot of money in the long run.

If you live in a warmer climate, sticking to wood is fine, but make sure that it’s treated first and finished with a stain or paint to keep it from rotting or splitting. The extreme heat and cold can also cause woods to break under pressure, so you will need to take care of that first if you choose to go with wood.

Vinyl and metal are mostly self-sufficient materials. Metals will need to be treated for rust every several years, whereas vinyl will only need a wash every now and then.

Resale Value

If you go out of your way to make your fence too tall or extravagant, then it may stick out from the rest of the neighborhood. The reason this might serve as an issue is that you might come up short-handed if you ever decide to sell your home. Either that, or it may take a long while before a potential buyer comes along who is willing to take on the extra maintenance and whatever else comes with owning an elaborately ordained or massive fence.

On the other end of the spectrum, you don’t want to go with chain link fence if you live nice neighborhood that has good upkeep. This could cause your neighbors to lift their eyebrows when they look at your house, as the height of your fence wouldn’t match the rest of the neighborhood schematic. But if you decide to go with a wire fence, don’t forget to use fasteners for a welded wire fence so that you at least construct the fence properly. There is always someone out there with a large dog or specific preferences, so this might just be the house for them after all.

Takeaway from Cat’s Claw Fasteners

Think hard about what you decide to do with your property before you put a fence up in your yard, and consider these factors that influence the height of your fence and all the standards that come with building one. You may discover that you still want a fence no matter what, so go for it. Visit the Cat’s Claw Fasteners to check out our other blogs and products.

Factors That Influence the Height of Your Fence - Cat's Claw Fasteners


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