Is Lloyd a Real Cowboy on Yellowstone?

Is Lloyd a Real Cowboy on Yellowstone?

Photo of Toby and Chava Meeting Forrie J. Smith

Lloyd Pierce – the much-loved ranch hand is a permanent fixture of the Yellowstone show and, without a doubt, stands out as one of the most compelling characters across the board. You were most likely unaware of this fact, but the actor who plays this weathered and seasoned cowboy is, in reality, a cowboy who has a significant amount of experience under his belt. Because he is a member of the ranch staff and has the ranch brand branded into his chest, we know that he decided to give his life a second chance by taking the job. 

Forrie J. Smith aka Lloyd has spent a considerable amount of time working in the movie industry in Hollywood, both as an actor and a stuntman. Forrie’s debut in the film industry came with a reimagining of the classic Western film “Stagecoach.” Numerous roles in movies with horse stunts have benefited from his skill as a cowboy. On March 9, 1959, Forrie J. Smith made his debut in the world in Helena, Montana. He was raised on a ranch that belonged to his grandfather. He was taught to perform various tasks around the ranch as a young child. He first competed in a rodeo when he was eight years old, and his family shared this passion. His parents were also accomplished horse riders. 

Forrie does not currently have any intentions of giving up his life as a cowboy and retiring anytime soon. He views it as a career that will last him a lifetime and has no intention of giving it up anytime soon. Accidentally falling off a horse when he was only six years old is how Forrie first became interested in performing stunts. In the 1980s, he began his career in Hollywood, working as a stuntman and in supporting roles. He is an American actor, stuntman, and internet personality who enjoys sharing glimpses of his life on Instagram (@forriejsmithcowboy)

Cat’s Claw Fasteners Team Meet Forrie J. Smith

In September, the Cat’s Claw Queen and I, the Head Cat Collector, swung by Thee Garage and Steakhouse in Baker, Montana, to meet the famous cowboy, whose Oak and Eden coffee-infused bourbon sold at the benefit for more than $2,000. We were aware that we would have the chance to briefly speak with Forrie, so we knew that it was imperative that we bring some of our Cat’s Claw fasteners with us. It is a good thing that Bonner and his crew were not present at the charity event, because we were able to not only attend but also take photos and get his signature on a few items as well! 

We were also able to discover that Forrie has a strong sense of community with the agricultural culture and provides significant support to the small ranch and farm operations that are responsible for keeping the United States fed. During our conversation we also learned that Forrie had attended MSU at some point. Cat’s Claw Fasteners Owner, Curt Almy, had wondered if Forrie had attended around the same time in the 70s as he had, and it turns out that Forrie had attended a little after Curt. (Curt did say that if they had attended together, being that Curt was in animal science at the time – that they could have competed in table tennis or foosball! He also might have mentioned that the offer still stands.) 

All that to say, yes and no Lloyd is a real cowboy! It appears that Lloyd may be based on the idea of what a traditional “old cowboy” ought to be, and grounded in the skills and reality that Forrie Smith has lived. Having the true skill to rope, ride, and do it with finesse comes with plenty of dirt-in-rope-burns, bruises, blood and sweat. Being able to translate those skills to the silver screen is also a highly specialized skill, as true cowboy work is less-than-pretty. Lloyd is a great character, played by a skilled cowboy, and that’s the bottom line! 

So, what do you say? Do you think it’s possible that you could be an extra on the Yellowstone show, riding a horse? Check out this blog if you’re interested in learning more about becoming an extra on Yellowstone. Also be sure to visit our site to check out our products and what else we’ve got going on. 

Cowboy Is Lloyd a Real Cowboy on Yellowstone?


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