Does the Cast of Yellowstone live in Montana?

Throughout the course of the past few seasons of Yellowstone, you have had the opportunity to gain a full picture of the stunning state of Montana. You have also experienced it from the points of view of a large number of exceptionally talented actors. But does even one of those cast of Yellowstone call the state their permanent home? No is the short and straightforward response to that inquiry. The vast majority of the cast of Yellowstone does not call the state of Montana home, despite the fact that there are a few notable exceptions to this rule, including other big name actors not on the popular show like Dennis Quaid.

Forrie J. Smith

Forrie J. Smith of Yellowstone - Cat's Claw Fasteners
Photo from Forrie J. Smith’s Facebook page

One of the very few notable exceptions to this rule for the Cast of Yellowstone is Forrie J. Smith, who appears on the show playing the part of Lloyd Pierce. He was a native of Helena, Montana, where he was both born and raised, and he remained there for the better part of his childhood. At the age of 18, he uprooted his life and moved to Los Angeles. He has lived there ever since.

Ever since Forrie, then a young boy, shocked his mother and stepfather by tumbling off a horse when he was just 6 years old, he knew that he wanted to work in the field of stunt work. And now he’s an actor, so he’s basically living the life he always imagined. His screen persona, the one who plays Lloyd Pierce, actually did spend his formative years in Helena as well; therefore, when he’s not playing Lloyd Pierce on screen, he’s just another cowboy from Helena, Montana!

On a related note, Cat’s Claw Fasteners very own Toby-Jeanne was able to meet one of the Cast of Yellowstone, actor Forrie Smith, when she attended his event. She brought him a bottle of Cat’s Claw Fence Claws as a gift! He was tickled to see that there was a modern solution to an old problem, and will hopefully find a great place for them on his very own ranch. If you get the chance to meet Forrie at one of his events, take the opportunity because he is a great guy!

Luke Grimes

Does the Cast of Yellowstone live in Montana? Luke Grimes

Photo from Yellowstone’s Facebook page

While filming Yellowstone, Luke Grimes was left with such a positive impression of the state of Montana that he ultimately made the decision to relocate there permanently. Who could blame him for wanting to take advantage of the slower pace and incredible views?

After relocating from Los Angeles, where they had been living prior to their move to Big Sky Country, Luke Grimes and his wife have now made the state of Montana their permanent residence for the past two years. Ahead of the highly-anticipated premiere of Yellowstone’s fifth season, Grimes discussed what it was like to relocate from the densely populated city of Los Angeles to the expansive and breathtaking landscape of Montana. Following the big move, Grimes was asked what it’s like to live in Montana, and he responded by saying that it’s like a dream come true.

Background Actors

The fact that the fifth season was shot in Montana means that the casting team went out of their way to find locals from that state to fill the roles of extras. This is a cool aspect of the season, in my opinion. The casting team for Season 5 made a significant effort to track down and cast natives of Montana in a variety of extra roles, and they were successful in doing so. This effort definitely highlights the incredible talent that can be found right here in our own backyard.

It’s exciting to see some of my friends and neighbors representing Montana on television, especially considering that I was born and raised in the stunning state of Montana, also known as the “Big Sky Country.” Even though we were only a part of the production for a very brief period of time, we were all overjoyed at the opportunity to participate. Extras, also known as background actors, have been recruited from various parts of the breathtaking state of Montana. 

To get to the location where the filming was taking place, we and other people we met had to travel quite aways. But in other extras’ cases, their journey was significantly shorter than ours to participate in the action. Moving to Montana is no easy task. With growing populations, and quickly dissipating country sides, the Montana shown on the silver screen might look very different in a decade’s time. With regular, tough – 30F winters and harsh 112F drought years, not to mention difficult employment options, it’s no wonder that many families called it quits during the early 1900s droughts and world conflicts. Hollywood paints a pretty picture of the landscapes in Montana, but be sure to remember, all those pretty spring backgrounds come with a wild winter and hot summer!

As an alternative to moving to Montana, you may consider that the beauty of the national parks is available ten times year-round. A scenic summer visit to Yellowstone National Park and a picturesque extended drive to Glacier Park will vary greatly once winter sets in. Open roads turn to snowmobile adventures, and renting a family cabin for the week supports the local economy.

Share Your Montana Experience

It’s truly a wonderful way to participate in nature, and be able to stay rooted in the lifestyle back home. With all of this said, there are definitely some celebrities who live in Montana, some who summer in Montana, and some who simply work in Montana. Have you vacationed in Montana? 

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