Different Types of Fences and When To Use Them

Before looking into what kind of fence to choose to line your yard with, you need to think carefully about why you want one to begin with. Fences can have various purposes. Knowing the different types of fences and when to use them will help you select one that meets your expectations. You’ll become better equipped to find the right fence for you.


This is a solid choice if you want the elegance of wrought iron without paying the money. Some aluminum fencing undergoes galvanization for extra strength and can be quite durable.

Chain Link

Chain link is possibly one of the most popular versions of fencing on the market. It’s practical, as it’s inexpensive yet highly durable. For this reason, chain link fences often act as security structures. If you’re fencing in livestock or pets, this is a solid choice as well. Just make sure to use fencing staples for added support around posts.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron is more expensive than most other options but will bring elegance to your home that will last for years. The material is highly durable and traditional in appearance. You will have security but may sacrifice some privacy since wrought iron fences have wide gaps.


Bamboo is an all-natural fencing material that’s highly durable and lasts for many years. You’ll enjoy both privacy and security if you choose bamboo. Additionally, it’s eco-friendly because it grows much faster than wood.


Choosing wooden slatted farm fences is great if you have larger breed animals like horses that you must keep in specific areas on your property. These can be expensive to install and will need lots of maintenance to maintain over the years.


Because most people go with wood paneling for their fencing, you might think that it’s the best option, but be advised that it can be expensive and take a lot to upkeep. You will need to consistently stain, paint, or put a finish on it to protect it from the elements.

PVC Picket

This is a strong choice if you want that ideal, traditional picket fencing around your house. PVC is sturdy but needs reinforcement. It’s also cheap to install and own.

Vinyl Picket

Vinyl is another material that can form a picket fence design. It is among the sturdiest polymer choices available. Vinyl picket fencing can cost a lot to install upfront, but it will last for decades. You just need to wash it off periodically, and it’ll look like it did the day you bought it.

One of the most important things you’ll do after buying a home is choosing a style out of the different types of fences. So knowing when to use them is vital to get an appropriate fence for your home. I really hope this was helpful.


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