Best Fruits and Vegetables To Grow on a Fence

Growing your own produce is an exciting venture. There’s nothing quite like biting into a slice of cucumber that you grew yourself from nothing but a seed and some careful attention. When you want to grow some produce, one option is to grow it on a fence. Check out the best fruits and vegetables to grow on a fence.


Growing your own vegetables on a fence is a great idea and can effectively produce crops when done with the right types of veggies. The best veggies for vertical growth are ones that vine or climb naturally—even if this is normally done horizontally across the ground. With a little help from fencing fasteners, you can make this a vertical climb.

Snow Peas

Snow peas grow well on fencing because they are naturally climbing plants. The fencing simply helps the plant support itself even on windy days.


Growing a squash plant on a fence is a great idea. The plant naturally produces tendrils that will grasp the fence and withstand the weather and pests with the help of fasteners as they grow toward the sun.

Pole Beans

Pole beans are ideal for fence growing because they typically produce better and bigger beans when they are trained to grow vertically. Growing beans on the fence is easy with this bean variety.


It’s not just vegetables that can grow on a fence—fruits can get in on the fun, too! Much like the best fenced veggies, the best fruits to grow on a fence are ones with naturally occurring vines and supports.

Small Melons

Melons naturally like to sprawl out over large areas of ground. They can effectively grow vertically but do require the help of strong and high-quality fasteners to hold them up. It’s recommended to grow smaller varieties of melons. Any single melon exceeding six pounds may damage the vine.


Cucumbers are ideal for fence planting because of their affinity for airflow. Planting them vertically encourages airflow to the plant, which staves off common cucumber diseases and mildew. It also helps keep hungry rabbits and other pests away.


Growing grapes on a vertical fence is a great opportunity. Grapes love to climb and grow best when given a frame to grow into and upon. They require a solid support system and appreciate the help of fasteners on their growth journey.

These are the best fruits and vegetables to grow on a fence. Fencing your produce while it grows is an art form. Look into our hog panel fasteners to help affix the wire panels to the posts to ensure your vertical garden thrives.


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