How to Apply Cat’s Claw Fence Claws in your Garden

In addition to being useful for building and repairing fences, installing gates, keeping your critters safe, and so much more, the versatility of Cat’s Claw Fasteners makes them applicable for a wide range of additional projects as well. One very good example of this can be seen in the area around your garden. Keep reading because Cat’s Claw Cowboy Josh covers how to Apply Cat’s Claw Fence Claws here in this blog!

How to Apply Cat's Claw Fence Claws in your Garden

Gardening with Cat’s Claws

So for my first point, I’ll go over how you can put Cat’s Claw Fasteners to good use in your garden. Not many people take pleasure in seeing their hard work in cultivating a beautiful garden destroyed by animals. To protect your garden from being stolen, vandalized, or otherwise damaged, you should install fences. Cat’s Claw fasteners are the best option whenever wire fencing is necessary, be it a tall fence to keep deer out or a short fence to keep neighborhood dogs from destroying all your tomatoes. I’ve heard that installing an electric fence around a garden is an effective way to deter raccoons from entering. Due to the fact that plastic is an insulator of electricity rather than a conductor, you will need to use a cat’s claw in order to secure the electric wire to the plastic posts if you want to go that route.

How to Apply Cat's Claw Fence Claws in your Garden cats claw

How to Use Cat’s Claw Fasteners

When you apply Cat’s Claw Fence Claws, the user does not require the same level of hand-eye coordination that is required when dealing with standard fence staples. This is because the Cat’s Claw Fasteners are designed to be used in conjunction with the user’s fingers. The only thing you need is a drill; the 1/4-inch driver bit that is already provided, and a magnet on the tip will help hold the screw in position while you are drilling it in. In order to drive the screw into the post, you must first run the drill while simultaneously maintaining pressure on the wire with the claw. The most important part of this process is ensuring that the claw can hold onto the wire without also being able to bite into it or crimp it. After the claw has been brought into close contact with the post, you can stop turning the screw. When the screw is overly tightened, the head of the screw will break off. Using a Cat’s Claw Fastener eliminates the possibility of injuring your thumb by striking it with a hammer.

How to Apply Cat's Claw Fence Claws in your Garden tomato garden

Benefits of Using Cat’s Claws

Your garden may benefit from the utilization of Cat’s Claw Fasteners. One example for you is my mother’s garden, she will utilize wire or little bits of wire panels in her garden for the vine plants to climb up. It is possible to utilize Cat’s Claw Fasteners in order to secure the wire or panel to the small wooden supports. My mother has apple trees in her garden, and she has post supports set up to the side of the tree to ensure that it continues to develop in a vertical orientation. Again, Cat’s Claw Fasteners are an option for ensuring that the wire or rope does not move about on the support post. During some of my excursions, I came across porches and overhangs that had flower baskets hung from them. These Cat’s Claw Fasteners are the ideal accessory for securely attaching the basket to its perch. This not only makes it less likely that the basket will be blown off its support by the wind, but it also makes its disposal much simpler when autumn and winter arrive.

How to Apply Cat's Claw Fence Claws in your Garden soil

How Will You Use Cat’s Claws in Your Garden?

Within and around your garden, Cat’s Claw Fasteners can be put to a wide variety of functions. These are merely a few illustrations, but the user’s imagination is the only real limit to the application’s potential uses. 

If you have any more questions, we’re all ears here at Cat’s Claw Fasteners! Feel free to shoot your queries over to our Head Cat Collector, Chava, at And don’t forget to dive into our other blog posts and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube!

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