Top Ways To Hang Plants Outdoors

Spruce up your yard with hanging plants. Flowers, vegetables, and herbs don’t have to grow out of the ground. You can plant some of your favorites in unique potters and elevate them. Read on for top ways to hang plants outdoors to make your garden unique.

Use the Right Planter

You have a lot of freedom when it comes to hanging gardens. If you use a sturdy material, it will hold up well for your plants. Some gardeners choose to upcycle plastic or glass items such as water bottles and light bulbs into hanging planters. Still, some vessels are more common than others.

Hang Baskets

The most common way to hang plants is in a basket. You can find plants that come in baskets at garden centers. Hanging baskets look good wherever you place them. You can hang baskets from balconies, fences, patios, decks, and other sturdy structures. Using flowers in your baskets adds a pop of color wherever they go.

Suspend Buckets

Great for vegetables or other plants you are growing yourself, you can hang buckets around your garden to elevate your favorite plants. Tomato plants and other hanging plants need elevation and may require you to use a bucket. Further, you can use buckets for plants that overflow and droop.

String Up Pots

Use terracotta or ceramic pots to add color or a more garden-y look to your outdoor space. You can hang pots of flowers and herbs to make it easier to access them.

Choose Your Hanging Material

Hanging planters is about more than the vessel: you should choose a sturdy material to hold your basket, pot, or bucket. Also, you may want a string that’s both aesthetically pleasing and durable. Further, you might want your plants to look like they suspend in the air. You have much to examine when considering your options.

Use Rope

One of the best ways to hang any planter is with rope. You can create your hanging potholder with macrame techniques, which involve tying knots.

Install Hooks

The simplest way to put up your hanging plants is with hooks. Use screws to install brackets to hold baskets and other heavy planters.

Try Wire

Wrap wire around your bucket or pot to secure it and find a fence or wall to attach it to. You can use a fencing U-nail to secure the wire to your fence or siding.

The top ways to hang plants outdoors are about getting the right materials. However, using sturdy materials will keep your outdoor space looking better for longer. When you are installing wire and hanging certain baskets, you can use Fence Claws. Fence Claws are stronger and sturdier than fencing staples, and they are resistant to rust. Shop our online store today!


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