How to be a Yellowstone Extra: The Guide

Since we published our blog post answering the question “How do I become an Extra?” on the TV series Yellowstone, we’ve received a lot of follow-up questions. In an effort to provide detailed answers to all of you, we’ve chosen to write an additional blog on said topic. Now let us get started!

How to Be a Yellowstone Extra: The Guide - Cat's Claw Fasteners
Photo of Toby-Jeane & 2nd Lieutenant Rayna Laakso waiting to go on set.

Lights, Camera…

What exactly do I mean when I tell you to “be prepared”? I’ll explain everything in detail so that you completely understand and feel ready to take on the world of being an extra!

  • Arrive at the location early so that you have plenty of time to complete out the necessary papers and chat with other people while you wait to be told what to do next. It helps the day go by faster when you have new friends to hangout with during your breaks.
  • Take into account the setting in which you will be performing and dress suitably. The wardrobe department may ask you to change into one of the few outfits they’ve requested you to bring with you, or into one of the outfits they’ve already prepared for you to wear. Dressing in too many layers can make you uncomfortable and annoyed throughout the shoot, so try to avoid doing so. However, you should bring a few extra items just in case the weather at the location you are filming suddenly decides to change.
  • You should be prepared to stand and/or sit for extended amounts of time, so bring a pair of comfortable shoes that you can switch into during breaks.
  • Ladies, if you would like things to go more smoothly for you on set, we suggest you style your hair before you go there. Have no worry, though, if you are not skilled in that department since the amazingly talented Cat (@styledbycatd on Instagram) was the excellent hair stylist on set who saved the day from frizzy hair and not so cutely tangled buns!
  • Another piece of advice that we have for the ladies is to apply your makeup before you go to set and to bring along a travel-sized makeup kit that you can use for touch-ups during the day, ya never know how many times they will have you pretend to drink water so have your lipstick handy. And if you like having your nails done make sure they are nude/natural.
  • Now, depending on the scene, your vehicle could also have its moment to shine on the big screen, so before you get to the set, give your vehicle a complete cleaning from top to bottom. If you are going to be traveling to the set as we did, then you should stop by a car wash and clean off all of the bugs and things your car likely collected along the journey.
  • Toby-Jeanne, our resident Cat’s Claw Queen, recalls an actual Montana Congresswoman being told to change her outfit because it was “not appropriate for the scene,” despite the fact that it was obviously one of her everyday looks. Which is why we recommend bringing a few extra pieces just in case they get super picky.
Photo of Toby-Jeanne informing us that she had been cast as a “buckle benny” character.

You have been chosen!

So you applied and got accepted as a Yellowstone Extra, yay! You will get an email from the casting team with instructions such as what clothes to bring, what colors and patterns to wear or stay away from. Now that’s not to say that you won’t get there and the wardrobe department will put in the exact colors or patterns they told you not to bring with you. And if you’ve never been on a movie or TV set before, keep in mind that you are now in the world of Hollywood so some things might not make much sense.


Be prepared to stop and go a lot, but don’t be discouraged as you will still have lots of fun! Really get into the character they are having you portray, the best part about this adventure is that you don’t need any experience. So pretend to have a deep conversation with an old friend, or you’re having a serious meeting with a client, or maybe you’re out at the bar with your friends. Whatever the roll is, we recommend you get into it and make it fun. 

Hopefully this guide to being a Yellowstone extra is helpful and has made you even more excited to be an extra.

Should any more questions come to mind, the Cat’s Claw Fasteners team is here to assist you! Don’t hesitate to email your inquiries to our Head Cat Collector, Chava, at And, for additional content, make sure to read our other blogs and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube!

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