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Things To Consider When Choosing Posts for Your Fence

Your project will determine the type of fence you use. Not all fence posts have the same purposes. Some provide additional support to help the fence from sagging, while others hold the fence in place. Here are a few things to consider when choosing posts for your fence. After reading this, you’ll know what to select and why you use them.

Reasons for Posts

The three main reasons to use posts vary based on their function.

1. Corner

These posts are the backbone of any fence. When you think about corner posts, you think about hard-treated woods cemented into the ground. These posts keep everything else in place.

2. In-Line

These posts go along the fence line every few yards. These posts help give the fence additional structure when you have space between corner posts. The posts give more integrity and strength to the structure so that it won’t shift or fall.

3. Temporary

No matter your style, you’ll still need fence post fasteners to link and secure them to the wire and wood. These posts make temporary or short-term enclosures for ranching purposes. Maybe you needed to fence off a specific type of animal from another while you work on some structures on the farm. This would be perfect for that.

Types of Posts

Depending on which job they will serve in building the fence, these are the different types of posts to select from.

Wood creates the most structural posts for fencing. They are the cornerstone structures that take hold of the most vital points of the fence line.

The last three are steel rebar or fiberglass, pigtails, and step-in posts, all used as temporary fencing solutions. These are most of the time seen for active grazing and moving or corralling livestock. Any one of these can be used, just depending on your preference.

There are several things to consider when choosing posts for your fence. Whether you’re building or repairing, you’ll want a basic understanding of this to make the most out of your project.

Recap on Fence Posts

As you have read, the primary reasons for using posts are for corner, in-line or temporary posts, and there are many different types of posts to choose from. If you are having trouble deciding on which posts to use for your fence, our experts at Cat’s Claw Fasteners are happy to answer any questions you may have. Don’t forget to contact us about our high-quality products for fences as well.


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