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When To Use Screws vs. Fence Staples on Your Fence

Screws and fencing staples have different abilities and functions. They are similar in the jobs that they do, but there is a time and place for you to use each one. Screws are intended for more detailed jobs that require putting many smaller pieces together to function as one.

Fencing staples, on the other hand, are intended for heavier loads. Fencing staples can hold weight, but they come out more frequently over time than screws. Because they lack tensile strength, screws cannot carry heavy loads, but they can grip tighter than fencing staples. This means they are perfect for smaller and more intricate projects. Here are a few examples of when to use screws vs. fence staples on your fence so that you can be prepared for any fence-building project.

The Ranch Fence

If you have ever spent time on a ranch, you know that they are full of livestock. Some of these animals are huge, like bulls and horses. To keep these animals corralled safely, you need a strong enough fence to hold them in place. These animals may attempt to hop the fence from time to time, so your fence needs to have the strength to hold up in those instances. While galvanized screws are some of the strongest options out there, they lack the overall strength that fencing staples provide. So, for a large wooden fence on a ranch, fencing staples might be the better choice. This is especially true if you have large livestock.

The Urban Fence

More traditional fences that are seen in the backyards of some North American homes are held together with screws. These screws are typically treated to prevent rusting and give the screw extra strength. Many people in cities have fences to build a perimeter between their yard and their neighbor’s yard. These fences hold for years and are typically very durable. Because they aren’t load-bearing, screws are the ideal tool for this type of job.

Cost vs. Quality

A huge issue for some people is the price point that comes with building certain types of fences and what they are willing to pay for the project. If you’re trying to save some money, nails will certainly be cheaper, but if you want your project to look its best and perform well, screws might be what you choose. Fencing staples will loosen and come out over time, whereas screws stay in place for the long haul.

Whether you are building a ranch-style fence or a picket fence, you will need to have the proper tools on hand to get the job done. By knowing which equipment to use, you will have the advantage of making something with the highest standard of quality. Therefore, it is pertinent that you know when to use screws vs. fence staples on your fence before beginning any project.

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