Why Fencing Staples Are Important

Has your fence failed you again? It might not be the wiring or panels that are causing the problem. You may need better fencing staples if the cows are getting out or you have predators sneaking into your chicken coop and vegetable garden. Understand why fencing staples are important to the security of your land and livestock.


What Are Fence Staples?

Most fence staples are U-shaped with divergent points that allow for a secure hold. The ends of a U-nail splay out in either direction when you hammer it into a post to secure its hold. Due to the nail becoming bent out of shape, you cannot reuse typical fasteners once they have been driven into a post.

Why Use Fence Staples

Fence staples attach fence wiring or panels to posts. Ranchers prefer fasteners to be corrosion-resistant so that they withstand the elements and last longer. Good fencing staples are important for keeping your wire fence from sagging or falling. Different types of animals require different types of fencing, which requires different types of staples. For instance, horses need highly visible fencing that won’t harm them while sheep, cows, and pigs require fencing that will protect them from predators.

How To Use the Right Fencing Staples

Whether you use fencing to keep livestock in or predators out, you need it to hold up against potential storm damage like heavy winds and the debris that may come with it. Cat’s Claw Fasteners are stronger than the average fencing staple and are reusable because they don’t bend out of shape when you install them. A Cat’s Claw fencing staple is corrosion-resistant and reliable—whether you use fencing staples as hog panel fasteners or to build catios.

Typically, you must use the correct size fencing staple to attach your fencing or panels to a post, but Cat’s Claw Fasteners come in one size that fits any panel width. Whether you are herding cattle or protecting a garden, you understand why fencing staples are important when it comes to security. Start using a fence staple that won’t let you down.


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