Setting up a Fence Post for Your Fencing Staples

Whenever you’re working with concrete and fencing, you must measure and place everything just so. This is so that everything will come out exactly as planned. Otherwise, you could risk damaging the integrity of your structure, and the whole project will be weak and won’t last. It’s important to know how to set a fence post for your fencing staples the right way to prevent that from happening.

Choosing Your Wood

Wooden posts will be the most durable choice to hold up most types of fences, whether you plan to use fasteners for a welded wire fence or a different kind. As such, you will want to ensure that you have the straightest post you can find.

Wood tends to bow, warp, and weather as it ages. Make sure that you are investing in treated wood to help slow down or prevent this process.

Digging Your Hole

Whether you’re using a post hole digger or an auger, you will want to keep your hole as evenly measured as possible when digging. Try to avoid using shovels for this task. You will want to make your hole wide enough that you can pour concrete evenly.

Also, it will be important that you fill roughly six inches of your hole with gravel, as this will prevent the wood from rotting and keep things as upright and level as possible.

Placement Is Everything

Pack in your gravel with the post until things feel firm and unmovable; you can then begin to pour your concrete. If you go with instant concrete, you won’t need to mix it immediately; instead, you can pour it dry until it reaches three inches from the ground.

Once you have poured your concrete, slowly add your water and evenly distribute it so that the entire concrete mixture has absorbed the water. Let it sit for a few hours or until it dries. Make sure to level it so that it is plumb before it completely sets, then fill the top with soil.

This is especially important when fastening your fence wiring to the posts, as they must remain even to keep the fence upright and steady, just as you had intended. If you do not carry out the proper procedures and measurements, you will lose the foundation and structure, which will compromise the fence’s integrity and cause it to fail. By understanding how to set a fence post for your fencing staples, you will be able to keep your fence up and maintain it.


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