Chicken Fence

Neil used our Cat’s Claw Fasteners to put up a Chicken Fence for his new chicken fence enclosure.

Neil wanted to use a different screw to go with his final decor, and he found a use for the Cat’s Claw Fence Claws that can be painted to match all sorts of decor options!

Neil said: “These fasteners are the best thing since “sliced bread”. I wish I knew about them when I did my goat pen.” Neil shared that he had rotator cuff surgery awhile back and that Cat’s Claw made the job much faster and easier! Neil also shared that his friends couldn’t believe how quickly he got the fence up. Now that’s the power of Cat’s Claw!

Get your Cat’s Claw fasteners in this link!

You can also check out Cat’s claw distributors near you! 

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