Make Fence Staples a Thing of the Past.

These revolutionary fence fasteners allow for fast, easy installation and repositioning of wires and panels on one or more posts. Unlike traditional fencing screws, Cat’s Claw fasteners can be reused and can accommodate endless tension variations and easy adjustments during severe temperature changes, even on older posts. Having advanced fence post screws provides you with more flexibility when building an enclosure for your livestock or garden, including the ability to secure fencing no matter the material or age of your posts. Discover the many benefits of Cat’s Claw fasteners by ordering today!

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The Cat’s Claw Advantage

What do Cat’s Claw Fence Claws have over traditional fencing staples? Here are just a few advantages of using this revolutionary fence fastening system.

Fence Claws by Cat’s Claw use a ¼” hex head, 2″ long self-starting screw to secure the claw to the post. There’s no hammering or pulling involved–You can use a power-drill to make the process so much easier! No more hitting your fingers in the cold, dropping and losing staples, supporting weak posts with your legs, or having to move wire to an undesirable position to accommodate post areas that can no longer support traditional wire staples!

Cat’s Claw’s Fence Claws have a rust-inhibiting coating that allows them to hold fencing wire and fencing panels through all sorts of bad weather for many years to come. Old style fence staples rust and loosen relatively quickly, meaning they have to be replaced more often. Our Fence Claws also have 4.26x more holding power than a traditional staple, making them far more reliable.

The toothed claw and 2″ #10 self-starting hex head screw allows for 35% faster installation, 44% faster reuse, and easy repositioning, allowing for endless tension variations and adjustments to accommodate for severe temperature or environmental changes. They even arrive pre-assembled! Old-style staples can’t be reused or repositioned.

You can use a Fence Claw as cattle panel clips to allow for big game to pass through without tearing down your existing fencing, and reposition them when the seasons change to keep your livestock contained. You can also use them for any project that requires a fastener between wire or panels and posts. The possibilities are endless.

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