Lag screws aren’t screws at all. Instead, they are a type of bolt. This type of hardware is vital for large projects that require the construction of homes and buildings, but it can also play a crucial role in your fencing. Read on to understand why using the right lag screw for your fence is important.

Material You’re Using

The type of wood you plan to use for your fencing project will determine the materials you need, including which types of fencing screws are best. For a harder wood, you’ll want something more durable that won’t rust but can manage the stress and pressure that comes with your wood. For a softer wood, you can use a more general galvanized metal lag screw, as the galvanization process helps it retain its strength.

Length of the Screw

The length of the screw will determine whether it will fit into the drilled holes or bring all the boards together. You might also notice that as lag screws get longer, they sometimes add girth to their circumference. Factoring in each aspect of the screw’s size ensures your fencing projects will come together cleanly.

Why Not Nails?

The primary reason people prefer screws over nails is simple—lag screws hold up better than nails in most cases. This has to do with how manufacturers engineer them to perform. You can use a nail to push two things together tightly. Meanwhile, screws provide superior grip strength that allows for a long-lasting connection. Choosing the right lag screw for your project over simpler hardware like nails brings longevity and professionalism to any fence.

You must use the right lag screw for your fence and project to have something that lasts without any issues. The time spent searching for the perfect hardware will be well worth your time and efforts once you complete your fence.

If you want to know more about lag screws or shop this product, Cat’s Claw Fasteners is the way to go. We are more than happy to help with any questions you may have about fencing.

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