Setting up welded wire fence sections for livestock or gardens can take days. If you want to know how to attach cattle panels to wood posts faster, you may need a better product. Fencing u-nails, staples, and screws either take too much time to install or don’t last. Cat’s Claw Fasteners have a better product you can start using to get your fencing put up fast and easy.

Protect Your Hands When Fixing Fencing

The first thing to keep in mind when working with any type of construction is safety. Since you’ll be working with wires and power tools, wear some protective gear—especially on your hands. Consider protective gear such as:

  • steel-toed boots
  • work gloves
  • safety glasses

Put up Cattle Panels

Once you have your wood posts in the ground, you can begin attaching your cattle panels. Start by leaning a panel against two posts. The panel should be centered between the posts with the ends of the panel leaning on the posts. Welded wire fence sections come in different lengths. Still, you can generally space your posts eight feet apart.

Attach Cattle Panels To Posts

Once you’ve decided where everything is going to go, you’re ready to attach the cattle panel to the wood post. Lift your cattle panel about two inches off the ground and use a Cat’s Claw Fastener to attach the wire to the wood post. The Cat’s Claw Fasteners Fence Fastening System comes with steel claws and screws that make building and fixing fencing faster and easier. Unlike fencing u-nails or staples, you can use a power drill to quickly screw in a fence fastener.

Stay on top of the latest advances in the farming industry and start using Cat’s Claw Fasteners for all your fencing. These claw-shaped fasteners fit any sized panel, won’t rust, and can be removed and reused. The best way to attach cattle panels to wood posts is with a fastener that makes the job quick and easy.

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