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What Are U-Shaped Nails?

If you are in the agricultural or gardening industry, you have most likely heard of U nails. As a trusted manufacturer of fencing staples, we are here to explain what U-shaped nails are and how they are used. To put it simply, a U nail is a fastener that has two-pronged shanks. This nail gets its “U-shaped” name because the U-shaped head design is intentional. In addition, these nails are often used for fencing. Many professionals in the agricultural industry use them to secure mesh fences to wooden posts and frames. Continue browsing this article to learn what U-shaped nails are and how they are used.

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Alternative To U-Shaped Nails

Although U-shaped nails are commonly used for fencing, here at Cat’s Claw Fasteners, we have a better and more reliable solution for you. Meet our unique and dependable fasteners for wire fencing. Our fasteners for welded wire fences are a smart alternative to U nails. As farmers ourselves, we understand that you need a fencing system that will keep your cattle and hogs safe and secure in one place—that is why we have designed an alternative to U-shaped nails that you can depend on. Plus, unlike other fencing systems, our nails for fencing are 100 percent reusable and 100 percent practical.

The Better Solution

Why You Should Use Fence Claw by Cat’s Claw Instead of U-Shaped Nails

There are many reasons why our product is superior, but here are just a few:

  • We have created our fencing U nails with ranchers, farmers, and contractors in mind. Unlike traditional nails, our product is easy to install and re-use several times.

  • Even on older wooden posts, we guarantee that our fencing fasteners will hold the wire securely in place.
  • Each 14-gauge steel claw conveniently has a rust-inhibiting coating.
  • There are 170 fasteners per tub. Each tub includes a ¼” hex head driver.

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At Cat’s Claw Fasteners, our customers’ satisfaction is our number one priority. If you have any questions about what U-shaped nails are, what their alternatives are, and how they’re used, please contact us give us a call today at (406) 934-0700.

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