There’s nothing quite like living on a farm. Being one with nature and seeing animals all around you are incredible experiences. Yet, as precious as they are, sometimes our beloved furry friends get in the way of the projects we’re trying to complete. For this reason, many farmers have animal pens on their land. This guide on how to build an animal pen will help folks who need a place to put their animals when they’re trying to get things done.

This first step regarding how to build an animal pen is to frame its size. How large do you want the structure to be? Also, where on the property will you put the animal pen? Once you have those things figured out, lay out the frame of the pen. You can simply use string to outline the space. Next, you should put the posts in place. It’s better if the mud underneath is a little wet because that makes it easier to push the post down. Use gravel or another material to secure the post in the ground.

So the posts are up! Now what? It’s time to select the mesh. Mesh is arguably the most important factor of farm animal pens. Choose what size you want the cutouts to be, so your creatures can still see what’s going on. Then secure the mesh to the ground with screws until you cover the entire area. Most people leave their farm animal pens relatively open, so the animals have a sense of freedom. However, some farmers add a roof to the structure for extra security. This additional feature just requires you to use mesh up top that acts as a roof. Finally, you’ll need secure fence fasteners for your gate, so your animals can get in and out. Look no further than Cat’s Claw Fasteners, LLC, for the products you need. The animals will love their new space, and your property will look a little more organized.

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