Play is a fundamental aspect of childhood. We tend to lose our adventurous and curious spirit as we get older. For this reason, parents should cherish these personality traits as much as possible. Building a playhouse for the kiddos is one way to foster their creativity and ensure they have fun. Learning how to build a kid’s playhouse will make you a hero in their eyes.

The first step to constructing a children’s playhouse is to plan it out. Start by considering where the playhouse will go and how big it’ll be. Do you want it to take up most of your yard, or are you looking to create something smaller? What features will be in the playhouse? Will there be seating options, and what will the entrance look like? Once you’ve answered these questions, you can put your plan into motion!

You need the right materials to build a kid’s playhouse. Wood is probably your best option because it’s sturdy and you can paint it. After getting the amount you need, make sure your toolset is in order. You’ll need drills, screws, saws, safety gear, a level, and measuring devices to complete this project. Begin by placing pieces of wood on the ground to act as a base for cutting plywood—it’s better to cut on a flat surface than on the ground. Then, lift up the first wall and use galvanized deck screws to secure it to the ground. Assemble the others walls and connect them to the original.

Think about the flooring, and add it to the existing structure. Then, move onto the roof. Put the roof together using a wooden base, as you did with the plywood. Once everything’s measured and cut properly, you can put it on the existing structure. Use heavy-duty screws to secure it to the walls.

Now that you know how to build a kid’s playhouse, it’s time to talk about decorating! Paint the building your child’s favorite color, so they fall even more in love. Add some trim and seating options to make the house unique. Whatever you decide, just have while constructing it. Also, consider contacting Cat’s Claw Fasteners, LLC, for fasteners you’ll need for the door and siding.

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