There are so many benefits to beautifying your backyard. For starters, you’ll enjoy the space more if it’s aesthetically pleasing. You can also make neighbors jealous and increase your home’s value with a little revamp. Implementing unique design features will also help the space stand out. Garden trellises are perfect additions because they combine style and functionality. Yes, you can buy garden trellises. However, knowing how to build a garden trellis will allow you to design the structure to fit your exact preferences.

A garden trellis is a structure that plants can grow on or against. Trellises are often associated with vines and small shrubs because they grow vertically and require extra support. Garden trellis vines are beautiful because they’re often made using horizontal and vertical crosspieces, creating an eye-catching look. The first tip on how to build a garden trellis is to choose the materials you want. Many homeowners choose wood or wiring to act as the backbone of the piece. You can create sharp lines with wood or manipulate wires into any shape you want.

Speaking of shape, the next step in how to build a garden trellis is to determine its shape and size. You can stick to a traditional grid pattern or construct an arch if you’re building a garden trellis for vegetable vines and flowers. When discussing size, consider if you want the garden trellis to be a standout point in the yard or just a fabulous detail. Finally, get the right equipment, like a nail gun and pliers, to start transforming the materials into the size and shape you want. If you know how to build a garden trellis, you can craft it to meet your exact customizations. All you need is a design-driven mind and high-quality products. Cat’s Claw Fasteners, LLC, has the materials you need to make the garden trellis of your dreams.

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