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Colby B. of Phoenix found that staples weren’t doing the trick when he set out to keep wood shavings where they belonged during his horse outbuilding projects. Staples would pop out and other make-shift solutions would break, but not a Fence Claw! After realizing that, “these work pretty great!”, Colby has looked for other projects to use them on.

As Colby says: “Nothing else was cost-effective, everything that was, pulled back out. When you lose a staple in the field, there’s a potential flat tire if you can’t find it. With Cat’s Claw fence claws, even if you drop it you can easily find it. It’s great when you have to drop the fence wire to get a tractor across and put the fence right back up. They’re overall handy!”

One Response LLC can be found on Facebook for all outdoor/outbuilding remodels & construction and arenas in the Phoenix area. Colby’s wife is a professional horse trainer of 20 years, and consequently, Colby has learned a thing or two about horses and fencing! With plenty of fences to build in the future, Cat’s Claw fence claws will make for a few less bruised roping hands along the way.

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