Catios are becoming increasingly popular amongst farmers and other landowners. Catios (also known as “cat patios”) are cat enclosures that allow the animals to enjoy the outdoors while staying safe. Building a catio is such a fun weekend project for DIYers. Believe it or not, it’s a relatively simple process! You must start by getting the right equipment, such as plastic roofing and outdoor industrial carpet. Don’t forget to select the right flooring and protective mesh, either. High-quality mesh is perhaps the most essential component of catio construction. Mesh keeps predators and other critters at bay so that your pet can relax comfortably.

The next step in building a catio is deciding what features you want to include. Do you want to keep things simple with just a few shelves and resting areas? Or do you want to create the ultimate oasis for your furry friend? If you’re thinking of the latter, perhaps add ladders in your DIY catio. Other options consist of quality cat beds, perches, climbing poles, and a kitty door off the house, so your furry friend can access the space whenever they want. Really, the sky’s the limit when it comes to building a catio!

When you settle on the design, it’s time to start building. Frame the structure to the size you want, and begin attaching the wood to the side of your house. You can get materials that attach to either siding or stucco, so you’ll find whatever you need. Once the frame and roof are in place, you can get to the fun stuff! Install ramps or fishbowls if you want a little something extra for your pets.

Contact Cat’s Claw Fasteners if you’re considering building a catio for your beloved family member. Our primary goal is to help customers build strong catios that require minimal maintenance. We also want your catio construction to be quick so that you can get back to other weekend activities. Check out our durable catio materials, so you can start building a pet’s paradise!

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